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5 Breakfasts You Will Remember All Day

Having breakfast is important, we all know that, but it’s even more important to use a pinch of creativity to taste good during all the day. Now that on vacation (lucky those who can enjoy them) we will have more time to seat at the table, we could take the opportunity to try new recipes.


1 Quinoa Oatmeal. It doesn’t sound so good, being honest, but the benefits of this “pseudocereal”, like the fact that is suitable for celiac people, it has a low glycemic index, it controls the levels of cholesterol, etc.- have turned it into the star ingredient in many recipes.


2 Banana Smoothie. Almost everyone needs a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning, but we need to recognise that it is not the healthiest, however that’s not the case with smoothies. If you aren’t a fruit lover, start with this recipe with banana and cinnamon as its ingredients!

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3 Coconut French Toasts. Toasts cannot be missing in this ranking, and better if they’re French! The original touch is put on by Mi Dulce Tentación, one of our favourite cooking blogs (what a luck! We have some of its recipes in The Sewing Box II.)



4 Cupcakes (White with vainilla). This sweet, which was created as World War was raging when ingredients didn’t were enough for a whole cake, isn’t a bad option for those who have the sweetest tooth! This a recipe of one of our acclaimed bloggers, Ivana, from My Little Things.


5 Little Rye Breads. Thermomix lovers will enjoy with this easy recipe for making homemade bread! We can add some raisins and walnuts to give it a special twist.




And for your breakfasts and snacks tasting even better… Lékué.

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