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5 Hashtags to Find Patterns

We have previously talked about the benefits of tagging your posts in social networks. In short, a hashtag is a term preceded by the hash character # and that’s used to lump together a series of publications about a topic. For example, the publications in The Sewing Box are tagged by ourselves and people who make our crafts with the hashtags #thesewingboxmag.

And what if we want to look for inspiration, patterns or help with the techniques? Share, learn and discover with these 5 fantastic hashtags for craft lovers!

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-06 a la(s) 16.19.20

Image of the most outstanding patchwork representatives in Spain @Trapoytela

 1. #modernquilter

Patchwork is a textile technique that allows you to cloth pieces by putting fabric fragments from different types and colours all together. The typical crochet bedspreads made with this technique derive from America. They were created in red (in general) and different generations were extending them while narrating a little of their lives. This type of design has been evolving and applying to more contemporary concepts and ideas. If you want to know more about what it’s in style, information about exhibitions, trade fairs or where to buy fabrics at a good price, here you have two hashtags you should know:  #modernquilter  y #modernquilts.

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-06 a la(s) 16.38.58

Lisa is the Sewing Queen in London!

 2. #Sewcialists

If patchwork lovers have their own hashtags, sewing ones are not far behind! Have you a course to promote? Do you need help with it? Do you want to show how is your project going? #Sewcialist has a crowd of followers! Post a photo with your doubts and you’ll see how they’ll come to the rescue! (Picture above from The Sara Project).

That’s how Lisa, from Sew Over It, began. After having won a sewing contest in London (and yes, they have great shows like that there, what an envy!!), she has published 3 books and opened other 3 shops. As you can see, this thing with hashtags can be really helpful!

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-06 a la(s) 16.43.18

Giving handmade gifts is the raison d’être for the tag #make2share

3. #make2share

This hashtag is all luck for a handmade-style secret Santa! It consists in choosing two friends, giving a handmade gift to them, tagging them in social networks and, once they’ve received it, they’ll have 2 weeks to do the same for you! Julie Roehm, its creator, sees it as a way to make someone’s day through a continuous gift chain. You can give everything you want provided that it’s something handmade! Those gifts can be tricot or stitched gifts, a poem or a picture inside an envelope, a magazine or a package of cookies. Let your imagination run free! You have all the information about it in #make2share or in the web.

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-06 a la(s) 17.11.00

Eradura is one of the most active crafters from Craftsposure!

4. #Craftsposure

Craftsposure is a community of makers, entrepreneurs and “changemakers” that wants to help you create a new brand or just make yourself grow with their business advices. It’s an inspiring and ideal hashtag for knowing yourself and learning new tricks about photography and storytelling. You can also meet people like you!

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-06 a la(s) 17.17.50

One of the latest images shared with the el tag #WIP

5. #WIP

It’s also known as “Work In Progress”. We all like to show our craftwork before finishing it, to ask doubts or to be proud of our efforts. And being honest, the ones who say “Hello from the other side” (of the screen) love to gossip!! So, if you’re a proud owner of a halfway project, don’t leave us so intrigued, please!! Show us what you’re doing, how and with which materials! You only have to add the word #WIP when you share it in your favourite social networks.

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