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Recipe: The Perfect Liver Chicken Pâté


I’m not a big Christmas fan, rather the contrary. And my intention is not to talk about the horror I feel at masses of people doing shopping without rhyme nor reason, the loud decorative lighting or the compulsory love and understanding that people feel during those days.

Cooking is the only thing that makes me not to get now into my bed and wake up on 8 January (well, my daily duties also play a huge role.)

It seems impossible to have a moderate in fat, sugar or alcohol celebration in the chapter about Christmas meals. Ok, I admit it! However, I can’t see how the quality of what we are eating is increasingly adulterated and less authentic! 

Almond nougats that contains more peanuts than almonds, pastries baked with pork fat instead of with butter, ready to heat capons that simply come in a bag and I could go on… but I don’t want to get into the issue of the mojito nougats or the cocoa butter ones with that puffed rice that delights young and old alike without blushing.

Guys, there is no need to eat junk food, believe me. You can stuff yourself with fat, sugar or alcohol, it’s up to you! But, please, don’t lose the quality!

I’m here today to show you a delicious pâté easy to prepare. It’s been always a huge success for me and for everyone who has made it everywhere !

It serves as a tasty appetizer for the celebrations that come close. And it’s cheap! If you knock yourself out a little bit and you present it more or less carefully, you’re sure to succeed!


For a pair of terrines as you can see in the picture

1 lb chicken livers

80g butter

1 little onion (it will be better if you have 2 shallots)

1 tbsp brandy 

Salt, freshly ground pepper and fresh thyme 

Add a little more butter for the top

Clean the chicken livers, remove the white parts and the tissues and then chop them. Heat the butter in a frying pan at low temperature and, once the onion is thinly chopped, cook it until translucent.

Add the livers and stir occasionally so that they lose the blood and they change of colour (from dark red to brown).

Add salt and pepper.

Add a tbsp of brandy (Look out! You can use odorous or Port wine, as well as any generous wine).

Consciously Mediterranean and purer than I’d like to recognize.

I adore the good wine and if Iberian ham didn’t exist, I would be vegetarian.

I always try to have flowers and walk on the sunny side of the street.

I live on a healthy curiosity for almost everything.

I can’t conceive the life without sharing it with animals.

Calm. Imaginative. Realistic.

I don’t cry or hug easily.

I endeavor to be traveler, not tourist. I hate the route.

I signed an armistice with the weighing machine and with the alarm clock some time ago.

A friend of simplicity. An enemy of sad, of grey, of half-hearted.

Talkative, observant, I don’t like swimming or keeping the cloth.

I’m not a perfectionist, but I like doing the right thing.

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