Raincoat for Women (PDF sewing pattern) – Singin’ in The Rain

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This pattern is part of our Bookazine named Cinema Style. Sew, Knit & Refashion. It’s inspired by the film Singin’ in the Rain (1952), in which Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor wear flashy yellow transparent raincoats while they’re splashing and singing. In our version, we’ve decided to use transparent plastic and backstitch the whole piece with the same colour.

What are you waiting for? DIY your own Hollywood garment!



Skill Level: Advanced (it requires some general sewing knowledge; for crafters with an experienced skill level)

It includes:

  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • 2 sizes (S and M) and explanations about how to adapt them
  • Scale pattern to be printed at home (30 A4 sheets)
  • Sewing glossary
  • Written in English (also available in Spanish and French)

You will need:

  • 150 x 290 cm of fabric or PVC (for all sizes)
  • 6 press-studs

Tip: Cut the excess part diagonally to avoid the fabric getting accumulated, in order to have proper corners when turning the piece upside down.

There are 2 ways to print it:

  • At home, using your own printer: Choose the printing mode “Poster”. You will get a design made up of lines and columns that can be stuck together with adhesive tape or glue. The first line is made up of the letters A1, A2, A3… The following line, that will be below the previous one, is made up of the letters B1, B2, B3…
  • Using a specialized printer (for example, the ones used by architects and engineers), which has the option to print to scale.


Sizes                      BUST                         WAIST                          HIP

Small (S)             84cm (33 in)             62cm (25.5 in)              90cm (35.5 in)

Medium (M)      88cm (34.5 in)             66cm (26 in)                 94cm (37 in)

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