The Sewing Box Magazine 1: Knitting, Sewing and Crochet – Easy Patterns for Beginners (Digital Version)


Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said Einstein, and that is exactly our intention: for you to find something to entertain you and stimulate your creativity, something you can do all by yourself.

Designers and entrepreneurs covered in this issue: you will meet Mr & Mrs Morgan, aPunt, Otto and Tula, Philomena Kloss, Txell Lagresa, Isabel Reyes Feeney, Laura Gómez, Cristina Batista, Amelia Strong, Rocio Olmo, Verónica de Arriba, Macarena Bilbao, and Lalala Toys.

30 DIY projects: making a painting with thread, doing crafts with kids, decorating a box, making your own textile print, creating an album for kids, ideas to make the best party, and many more projects.

Knitting project: biker vest

Crochet project: vintage cape and picnic bag

Remakes: turn a shirt into a blouse, a cuffed sleeve shirt, or an oversize camisole; turn a scarf into a dress, a top or a bag; turn a T-shirt into a skirt; turn trousers into a skirt.

Recipes: cocoa and double chocolate bundt cake, sweet summer salad, chocolate, avocado and coffee mousse, chorizo and cheese pate, bread pudding…




The Sewing Box Magazine 1 (digital version)

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