advertising spaces in The Sewing Box magazine.

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The Sewing Box in a few words

Frequency: 4 issues per year (and a blog keeping its content fresh every day)
Price: €8.50
Content: design, fashion, interviews with entrepreneurs, home life, trips, DIY (stitch, sewing, cosmetics, recipes, etc.)
Thesewingboxmag.com average views per month: 55,200+

Newsletter subscribers: 30,207+
Newsletter open rate: 28%

Facebook followers: 30,858+
Twitter followers: 6,613+
Instagram followers: 17,801+

About our readers

Core target: creative and independent persons, mostly women aged between 25 and 45.
They like DIY, fashion, photography, recipes, meeting new designers and travelling
Educated and engaged with the world
Fiercely loyal – 85% of them have been reading TSB since its 1st number.

Why advertise in The Sewing Box Magazine?

We are not only a magazine but also a large community
Exclusive and careful advertising (it does not exceed 20% of the editorial content)
65% of our readers have bought items after having seen them in the TSB
84% of them have visited a website after having seen it in TSB

What type of advertising can be found in The Sewing Box magazine?

Print Advertising


It fills a special page inside The Sewing Box Magazine. We create high quality content from cutting-edge trends, where to find materials for your own craft projects to tutorials and learning pills for the ones who wish to enter new techniques or trades. *More information and Prices.

Digital advertising


Are you a small crafter? Do you own an online shop? If so, digital advertising is the best for you! It can help you increase the audience of your websites or online shops and the number of followers in your social networks. It includes: banner in the blog, introduction post, items draw, video tutorials and mentions in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Contact us and consult our prices.



Our “content curator” not only is dedicated to paper, our blog or the digital advertising, but we also arrange events in which, through creative actions, we promote products, do activities with bloggers and hold workshops.

Your products


We are a shop window for your products. Forms: you can present your products in our DIY kits for making at home or you can present it through our online shop (photography and writing of products descriptions included as a matter of choice.)

“Let your brand travel around the world by the hand of The Sewing Box Magazine”

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Advertising spaces inside The Sewing Box

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