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Designers and entrepreneurs craft: Pica Pau, Arne & Carlos, Fabric Mandarins, Vickie Howell, Les Gambettes Sauvages, Golden Ponies and Natacha Plano.

37 DIY projects:

Crochet: Amigurumi Daniel Jack Russell (Pica Pau), crochet flower cushion, sleeveless pink sweater and bib in the shape of a crocheted file

Sewing and refashion (customizing): sewing circular blouse, key ring with printed fabric, transformation: from shirt to dress, shirt with lingerie touch, from shirt to dress with bow, from pajama to monkey, from underwear to evening dress, from shirt To blouse with cuffs, two-color cowgirl jacket, sweatshirt and Frankenstein jacket.

Embroidery: embroidered patterns and patches, decorate necks with beads, tongue for shoes and fimo brooch.

Recipes (how to create your home garden): Lebanese taboules, lemonade flavored with lavender syrup and fake broccoli bread.

Cosmetic recipes: tomato facial mask, aromatic rosemary oil and carrot body scrub.

Unique workspaces and decoration DIY: Klin d'oeil, Club of Malasmadres and The workshop of Clo.

Illustrations by: Luciabe, Gonzalo Muiño, Giorgia Atzeni, Maria Herreros, Sara Mulvanny, Mabel Alarcón, Marylou Faure, Marisa Morea and Elena Mir.

Step-by-step instructions: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with pictures of how to make it, in which you will find the difficulty of the project, and everything you need to do it. Get carried away and start learning new techniques in the world of crafts and work, you do not need to be an expert to perform them and you will become a designer or designer learning simple techniques and many disciplines.

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Do it yourself or DIY you plan to create something from scratch. The 7 international makers we present in this new edition left aside what they will say, doubts about their ability or that stone on the way to start from an illusion: a vocational and artisan work. Whether for the advice of these entrepreneurs, for their current design tutorials or because it addresses both beginners and more experienced people, with this issue of The Sewer (now called The Sewing Box) will finally launch you to create to experiment.

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